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Three Layer Lucky Bamboo Good Luck Terrarium

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  • Name of Plant: Three Layer Lucky Bamboo; Location: Indoors; Height: Up to 8 inches; Shape: Matki Glass Vase; Pebbles: White; Bamboo Trivia:
  • Origin: The tropical rainforests of Africa and Southeast Asia.
  • According to popular belief, having three layers of Lucky Bamboo in your home is one of the most popular number combinations. It bestows upon you three types of luck: prosperity (Lu), long life (Soh), and happiness (Fu).
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  • You can use the vase again later on as a piece of décor or to store little trinkets.
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Instructions for Maintenance

Twice a week, give your bamboo plant a drink of clean, fresh water.

It is crucial to maintain a few inches of water in the container to ensure that the plant's roots stay moist.

Every seven to ten days, change the water