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Jade Plant Terrarium In Glass Vase

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  1. Jade Plant is the name of the plant.
  2. Type of Plant: Succulent Height: Up to 6 in.
  3. Indoor and Outdoor Plant Positioning: Transparent Fish Bowl Glass Vase 6-Inch Jade Plant Trivi
  4. Origin: Though it comes from South Africa, it is now found in temperate parts of the world.
  5. A perennial plant is the jade plant. It can live for longer than two years. It's a low-maintenance succulent that blooms in the spring with delicate pink or white flowers.


  • Keep plants out of direct sunlight and in areas with medium light.
  • Although natural light is ideal, some plants can also flourish in fluorescent office lighting.
  • It is important to keep plant soil moist at all times.
  • Take care not to overwater.
  • Plants shouldn't be left standing in water.
  • Refrain from overwetting plant leaves.
  • In the case of flowering plants, a mist of water should be helpful.
  • It is best to keep plants cold (between 18 and 28°C).
  • Take out any dead leaves and stems as needed.