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Jade Plant In Sea House Planter

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This vibrant succulent, which defines love, is simple to care for and will infuse the environment with energy.

Product Specifics:

Jade Plant is the name of the plant.

Plant Type: Succulent Plant Height:

Up to 5 Inches Plant Placement: Indoor and Outdoor

Origin: Though it comes from South Africa, it is now found in temperate parts of the world.

The jade plant is a perennial that requires little care. It can live for longer than two years.

Keep plants out of direct sunlight and in areas with medium light.

Although natural light is ideal, some plants can also flourish in fluorescent office lighting.

It is important to keep plant soil moist at all times.

Take care not to overwater.

Plants shouldn't be left standing in water.

Refrain from overwetting plant leaves.

In the case of flowering plants, a mist of water should be helpful.

It is best to keep plants cold (between 18 and 28 °C).

Take out any dead leaves and stems as needed.