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Grey Goose Jar Set Of 2

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Product: Two Grey Goose Jar With Cork Lead

Capacity: Around 500–550 Ml

Material: Glass Bottles

Color: Transparent

Dimensions: Height - 5inch Diameter - 3 Inch

Product Weight: 500

Country Of Origin: India

These jars are made by upcycled Grey GOOSE bottle with cork lead this is perfect example of sustainability unique jar for your home.

Recycled bottles that are gathered from nearby scrap dealers are used to make jars. These are great for storing items in the kitchen and are sure to spark conversation with anyone who walks in! Hand cuts, sanding, and polishing remove any sharp or uneven edges from bottles. Cork lids are tapered to guarantee a tight seal. These jars are not entirely airtight, though, because of the uneven glass walls.

1. These lovely jars were created from leftover bottles.

2. Recycled jars that are sturdy, hygienic, and safe make wonderful gifts for friends and family on any occasion.

3. Because each piece is handmade, we go above and beyond to ensure that the bottles used are free of scratches, but since they are all recycled, there may still be very slight blemishes.

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    Saurabh Sharma
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